What is Pet First Aid?

Pet First Aid can be simply defined as emergency/disaster preparedness and planning for your pets so that if you ever are in a situation with your pet where you need to stabilize them to get to a vet for treatment, you can do so! 

Through my course I will be teaching you the Pet Tech Pet Saver curriculum that will cover Pet CPR/First Aid and additional care knowledge, such as issues for senior pets, and the importance of proper dental care, euthanasia, etc.  With this class a student gets the Pet Saver hand book, which is a great reference guide to keep and refer back to, along with a certificate of completion, wallet card, and emergency wallet card for your pets’ care.

The Pet CPR/First Aid-CPR Techniques class portion will cover situations that are almost identical to handling a choking incident in humans as well as: injuries such as bleeding, cuts, burns, breaks, hit by car; how to recognize, and deal with siezures; how to handle an animal that has been impaled by an object; shock – what is it, and why it’s life threatening and how to treat it; insect bites, stings, allergic reactions, snake bites; and toxic plants, household substances, dangerous items in the garage, garden, ground, and environment and how to know what they are.  I will also teach you how to do a snout-to-tail assessment, so you know and keep track of what your pet’s “normal” is so that you can catch issues early on, before they are serious health issues, and end up with big vet bills!  Lastly I teach you the following hands on skills: CPR; choking (conscious, unconscious witnessed, unconscious not witnessed); temporary muzzle making; bandaging; what to have in a pet first aid kit and much more!             

These are excellent classes for both pet owners and pet professionals.  It’s an excellent credential for pet sitters, groomers, dog trainers, veterinary hospital staff, shelter staff, and boarding facility staff. As well as stressing the importance of walking/hiking with your dog, emergency/disaster preparedness and planning for your pets. I also cover care concerns, products and more.