Why Take a pet CPR, First Aid and Care class?

Knowing what to do in case your pet chokes, ingests a poison (knowing what they are), or is hit by a car can save their lives.  This class is about prevention, too, and will cover how to make up a pet first aid kit, and be prepared for, and handle other emergency situations.  Prevention is a huge aspect of this training – how to recognize signs that your pet needs medical treatment, and knowing your pet’s normal, are all part of wellness, prevention, and avoiding large veterinary bills, and pet suffering.   Statistics are that at least 60% of veterinary hospital visits are emergency in nature, and that if just one Pet Tech first aid technique was use to stabilize the patient, 25% more would survive.

Why Pet Tech Training?

Pet Tech is the premier, international pet CPR and first aid training.  This is all they do – this is their dedication.  With veterinarians on their advisory staff, these techniques are from veterinary medical professionals.

Why Me As Your Instructor?

My credentials, experience and passion cannot be surpassed.  I have over 25 years of law enforcement experience, and I was prepared to take on any crisis that was handed to me, at any time. From car accidents, domestic disputes, to 9/11, it’s all about being prepared, which includes training, having a plan, identifying the problem, and having the resources you need, or knowing where to get them.  I’ve instructed at the New York State Police Academy, and at a local police academy on topics such as communications, handling the mentally ill, DWI arrest, etc.  I’m also a PADI Open Water SCUBA instructor, and am a former Diver’s Alert Network Oxygen First Aid for SCUBA Divers instructor. I have my veterinary nursing degree so you don’t have to, and I have veterinary hospital experience.  I have volunteered with cat rescues, at a farm sanctuary, and with several wildlife rehabilitators. I enjoy learning, and try to do so every day in this world of ever changing resources, products, medicine and pet needs.   Most of all, I care, and realize that one of the best ways to help pets, is to help and inform their owners.

What Is Reiki?

This is a tough one, and being a very literal person who likes explanations myself, this was a tough one for me, initially.  The best way I can define reiki is as energy healing.  While I do not claim to perform any medical healing or miracles, reiki is very relaxing, and when done regularly, people express a variety of positive responses.  My interest in reiki came from my personal belief that animals are more intuitive than most humans.  Always interested in self improvement and learning, I like to learn about all modalities of healing.

Where Are You Located?

I will come to your home, or place of business or work with you in any shared community room.  I am always looking for venues for my classes, but am mobile for your convenience.  Whether it’s your boarding facility, veterinary hospital, pet supply store, shelter or your home , I will come to you to train your staff, family or friends.  Minimum numbers of students depend on travel time, but contact me and I’ll do what I can to make it work.  Reiki on animals will be done in their home or barn for their comfort.