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Hello and Welcome to Pet Care with Lisa!  I am so glad that you have found me as I feel that it is every pet owner’s responsibility to know a few basic things about pet care and first aid for your pets.  Have you ever been in a situation where you had an injured pet and you just didn’t know what to do?  Well I can help prepare you for those situations and be ready to handle your pet’s emergency until you can get to your vet!

I am in no way a veterinarian myself and won’t ever tell you to take sole care of your sick or injured pet without the advice or treatment from your vet.  My aim is to simply prepare you and give you knowledge about treating them and getting them ready for transport to your vet in that emergency situation. We never like to think about our fur-friends getting hurt or sick however, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  I can teach you ways to avoid certain injuries and train you how to treat the unpreventable ones.  We will cover many topics but I focus mainly on pet CPR and first aid.

We Offer

  • Pet CPR Classes
  • Pet First Aid Classes
  • Pet Care Classes
  • Animal/Pet Reiki
  • Pet Care Consultations
  • Pet Sitting 
  • Dog Walking

Classes are weather permitting

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